Company: bp

Industry: Oil and Gas

Company Description

BP is an multinational oil and gas company, operating in more than 70 countries worldwide and headquartered in London, England. As one of the world’s leading energy companies, BP produces and markets oil and gas, delivers fuel for transport, oil and other energy products, and provides petrochemical feedstock for industrial customers around the world. Not only that, but BP is deeply committed to addressing the global challenges arising from the changing energy landscape, such as climate change, energy access and market volatility.

The company’s vision is to provide its customers with productive, reliable and sustainable energy to make our lives better. BP’s mission is to serve its customers safely and responsibly, creating solutions for long-term success while meeting the world’s energy needs. This mission is achieved by providing value to customers through differentiated and innovative solutions.

BP’s commitment to sustainability is guided by two overarching principles: that its energy operations are “safe and environmentally sound,” and that it “maximizes the economic value of its oil and gas resources for the benefit of all its stakeholders.” This includes reducing emissions and pursuing more sustainable production technologies, as well as dedicating resources to protecting the environment and developing renewable energy solutions.

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